School Facilities/Credentials

The school has well ventilated AC Class rooms, Play ground, Tree House, Sandpit, Splash Pool and play station for the students to enjoy and explore the world around them.

Library: We encourage love for reading from nursery to senior classes, for which well equipped class library and school library cater to the need of every student

Labs: Computer Lab And Science Lab serve as tools to making learning more authentic and practical based. We encourage all students to explore their creativity through the various art forms of Dance, Music, Art and Theatre

Amphitheatre: Amphitheatre is the venue to show case the talent of our budding stars. A cross cultured diversity is reflected is our national and international day celebrations, which develop respect, tolerance and understanding of the thoughts and viewpoints of others.

Excursion And Field Trips: To enrich the school curriculum, excursions and field trips to traffic park, fire station, museum, solar complex etc are planned for pupils during the year. The School effectively utilizes the resources and expertise’s of the community to enhance learning within the programme.

Circle Time: An activity where the entire class is seated in a circle and involved in meaningful discussions, as a result, children feel more valued and believe themselves to be worth while members of the group. School sharp App and SMS facility provided platform/provision for all parents to keep a themselves abreast of all the news events, activities of the school.