"I want to give my wholehearted thanks to FirstSteps for taking such good care of my daughters while we lived here in India. My girls Abigail and Christina attended 2 and 5th class this past year.The experience for them and us as parents was one of delight and joy.

They went to school looking forward to the day ahead and came home excited about what they learned. What we have been most impressed with at FirstSteps is the love the faculty and staff have for the kids. An environment for learning can best be fostered when the child knows that they are cherished and loved. FirstSteps has a heartfelt love for each child. I would highly recommend this school to every parent. "

Parents of Abigail and Christina Schroering

"It was nice to attend workshop on “Advertisement”. Such interactive sessions are really informative. More than that it creates a healthy bond between Principal Ma’m, teachers and parents. We choose FirstSteps School because of its curriculum and infrastructure. Its curriculum has practical approach. Kids are more aware of surroundings because of frequent field trips.

Principal Ma’m, Co-ordinators and teachers are very supportive. Kids do not loose their identity. Co-ordinators personally check the arrival and dispersal of kids. Special attention is paid on hygiene of kids. Frequent workshops in school have positive impact on kids. My son Shivank has improved a lot in reading. All thanks to Aman Ma’m, Neha Ma’m. Shruti Ma’m, Rachanjit Ma’m and Kulpreet Ma’m."

Parents of Shivank and Shaarav

"FirstSteps has given my child the platform to be better by every passing day. She has became more Confident and have started Communicating in English. Shruti Ma’m has been very supportive & encouraging. She has been confident and social and now good improvements are visible in her actions. Physical fitness, yoga, gymnastics can be added to make child more flexible which can further help in overall development of the child. This school is contributing a lot and we are very happy with functioning and the staff.

All the best. May this School be doing its best & I pray all children laurels to the school, teacher and the family." Thank You

Parents of Amyra Sharma

"My daughter Srisha has been studying in the school for last 4 years. The school is like a second home for every child and being a parent, I can see that attachment which my daughter share with the school.

I believe FirstSteps School authorities are very responsible as they have set standards which they follow. Parents are timely informed about each and every activity of the school through SchoolShare App monthly planners, circulars , diary notes etc. besides this school always conduct orientations and workshops for parents from time to time.

I like the school curriculum especially the IB programme which is recently introduced. I have a great example to share when recently Srisha was learning measurement in the class, she found it so interesting that she started measuring almost everything at home very easily. She is becoming more confident, more independent, now uses her own thinking skill to resolve any problem.

I support the IB programme and I think it’s a good way to reinforce the child in a particular topic they are learning."

Parents of Srisha

"When I think of FirstSteps as a School for my children, a couple of things flash across my field of view - "Here is a school where learning is valued, where the cultivation of wisdom and reflection is encouraged, where questioning and curiosity rule the day and above all where laughter and mistakes go hand in hand. "Having said that, Our association with the school goes a long way back to 2009, when the school was in its infancy. What caught our initial fancy was the motto of the school "We don't teach- We educate". This speaks volumes and gives one an impression of a school with a student centered attitude which boasts of a system of core values shared by the entire staff. Along this enriching journey we have seen the school grow from strength to strength and we are proud parents to be associated with an institution on the verge of acquiring the status of being the first IB World School in Chandigarh. The teaching methodology adopted in the school has been well researched and its dissemination via a stable teacher-student ratio has been commendable. The mission statement of the school " India for World" shows their commitment towards imparting world class education to its students...."

Group Captain Sandeep Brahmawar
Indian Air Force

“Being a parent I experience that only this institution is trying to explain and understand the concepts from the root level. All the teachers are very co operative. I am very much satisfied by the performance of my son. I feel proud that we opted for the FirstSteps in the year 2013. I want him to complete his schooling in this institution only..”

ASI Gurpreet Singh
IT & T Wing

My association with First Steps has strengthened over time as I greatly value the school's dedication towards care of my children. I am greatly impressed by the level of personalized attention and the very direct and comfortable rapport students and staff share. It is worth mention also that the school focuses on the overall development of a child's personality through sport and a range of extracurricular activities. Great care is also taken to ensure the child's safety. On offer at First Steps is a bright and cheerful environment and my children enjoy time spent at school.

Iqroop Tiwana
Organic Agriculture Entrepreneur